Find nail shape for your hands

Find nail shape for your hands

Nails are an essential part of fashion today. Choose the right nail shape for your hands if you want to look amazing. Girls are picky about everything, including our nails. But choosing the right nail shape is a difficult task. None of us want to experiment with our nails, and if we reshape our nails without any knowledge, then we have to wait a long time to get back the right length and shape again. In this article, I will discuss every nail shape that you can try on your nails.

Types of nails-

There are usually seven prevalent nail types. In this article, I’m going to discuss each of these shapes below.

1. Round shaped

This is an elegant and straightforward shape for your nails. It will go with any formal dress, and you can carry this nail shape in a field where you have fashion restrictions. If you have a little fluffy hand and fingers, then this nail shape will make your fingers look slimmer than before. The tip of this nail shape is round and flat, so don’t worry about breaking your nails.

types of nails

2. Square shaped

This nail shape is also trendy nowadays, and you can try this out. If you have long and extra slim fingers, this shape will help you shorten your fingers and look more comprehensive than before. It is perfect for those who have long and thin fingers. The tip of the shape is flat, and the edges are square. This shape has low maintenance.

3. Oval shaped

This shape is excellent for everyone. This shape will look classy at every age. This shape requires a long nail, so nail biters, this is not for you. It has a flat tip, so don’t worry about breakage.

4. Almond-shaped

This shape is mega-popular and will make your finger look longer. It has a broader base, a round end, and slimmer sides. This shape is perfect for those who have short and wide fingers.

5. Stiletto or pointed nails

This nail shape is also very stylish and popular. This shape will elongate your fingers and give you a glamorous look. It is perfect for those who have short fingers, and fake nails will perfectly do this shape. This shape is very long and pointed.

6. Squoval shaped

This shape has low maintenance, and it will also work for nail biters. It is for those who have short nails as it requires a square tip and round edges.

7. Coffin or ballerina shaped

This shape is long and very modern. This shape will perfectly fit with fake nails.

It requires strong and long nails. If you have short fingers, then it will work for you.

It has an edgy square tip.


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