Choose the right perm for your hair

Choose the right perm for your hair

The fashion industry is all about introducing new hairstyles or announcing the grand comeback of the retro hairstyle. People take inspiration from the fashion industry and incorporate their popular hairstyles into their daily life. Nowadays, perming is becoming one of the popular trends in the fashion industry. Perm is also known as the permanent waves, which can dine by the chemical treatment on your hair.

You have to choose the right perm for your hair according to your hair type, hair color, and face shape. Parking is one of the retro hairstyles which was popular in the 70s and 80s. This hairstyle will add a little personality and significant volume to your hair. The chemical process on your hair will last for about five to six months. This means you will have perms for straight five to six months. These perms will not go away when you wash your hair. It will gradually fade its chemicals.


Following are some different types of perms from which will give you enough information about the perm hair guide –

  • Spiral perm –

If you have long hair and you want to perm your hair tight then this is one of the perfect hairstyles for you. In this hairstyle, you just have to make the curls right and varying in shape. This will create a great volume to your hair and you can pair this hairstyle with any outfit you want. If you have 8 inches long hair then only you can get this hairstyle done.

When you apply chemicals to hair, it will gradually fade up and turn into your natural texture.

  • Pin curl –

If you have small or medium hair, then this type of perm is excellent for you. You can make this hairstyle by choosing the right size curler and pins. You can choose from loose or tight girls for this hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the perm will fade quickly compared to other hairstyles. You have to choose the right type of perm for your hair.

  • Spot perm –

This type of perm is usually focused on one particular point of your hair. Many women prefer their front hair converted in the perm because it will perfectly frame their face. This will create significant volume to your hair, and you can also add some texture elements to your hairstyle. You can also choose the size of your curls and shape according to your wish.  You can also add some colors at the end of your hair.


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